New Year Personal Training Special!

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Need Motivation? Want to see results?
Come workout with our personal trainers so we can help you GET FIT!

Personal trainers at PGB Austin have unique teaching styles to help clients reach their fitness goals. Trainers use TRX, boxing, weights, and other tools to help each individual challenge their bodies at their level to feel strong, healthy, and energized! Every personal training package offers a free pre-assessment session to set goals and set up the proper exercise routine for each individual client. Use the promo code imready to receive 20% off all personal training packages.

Personal Training Packages    

1 person
1 session= $60/hour
5 sessions= $275 ($55/hour)
10 sessions= $500 ($50/hour)

2 people
1 session=  $100 ($50/hour each)
5 sessions= $400  ($225 each person @ $45/hour)
10 sessions= $800  ($400 each person @ $40/hour)

3- 6 people
1 session= $40/hour each person
5 sessions= $175 each person @ $35/hour
10 sessions= $300 each person @ $30/hour

For more information email


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