Spring Tier Session and Personal Training

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Join us for Spring Tier session!

Sign up for PGB Austin Tier session with unlimited boxing classes starting Jan 4, 2016. (Tier session officially starts Jan 18) SIGN UP HERE!

Tier 1: Monday/Wednesday 6:30pm

Tier 2: Monday/Wednesday 6:30pm

Tier 4: Monday/Wednesday 7:30pm

Tier 5: Monday/Wednesday 7:30pm

Tier 7: Monday/Wednesday 7:30pm

Tier 4-7: Tuesday/Thursday 6:30am

ALL LEVEL TIER: Saturday 10:00am

Drop in classes: Monday/Wednesday 6:30pm and Saturday 10:00am

*TBD: Tier 1, 2 and drop in class Tuesday/Thursday 6:30pm


Take advantage of the end of year Holiday Special!

 1 person

1 session= $60/hour

5 sessions= $275 ($55/hour)

10 sessions= $500 ($50/hour)


                                                 2 people

1 session=  $100 ($50/hour each)

5 sessions= $400  ($225 each person @ 45/hour)

10 sessions= $800  ($400 each person @ $40/hour)


                                                 3- 6 people

1 session= $40/hour each person

5 sessions= $175 each person @ $35/hour)

10 sessions= $300 each person @ $30/hour)

Contact: info@pgbaustin.com for more information.


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