Spring Schedule Reminders

Spring Tier session has begun!

PGB Austin Spring Tier session has begun and we love having such a full gym! Don’t forget to reserve your class spot via MindBody:

 Check Into Class

PGPAustinLOGO.psd (2)

Spring Schedule


6:30pm:  Tier 1, Tier 2 and Drop in classes
7:30pm:  Tier 4-7


6:30am: Tier 4-7




It’s not too late to keep your 2016 resolution!

1 person

1 session: $60/hour

5 sessions: $275 ($55/hour)

10 sessions: $500 ($50/hour)

2 people

1 session:  $100 ($50/hour each)

5 sessions: $400  ($225 each person @ 45/hour)

10 sessions: $800  ($400 each person @ $40/hour)

3- 6 people

1 session: $40/hour each person

5 sessions: $175 each person @ $35/hour)

10 sessions: $300 each person @ $30/hour)

Contact: info@pgbaustin.com for more information.


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