SUMMER 2017 Schedule


6:30pm:  Boxing: Drop Ins, Tier 1-4
7:30pm:  Boxing: Tier 5 & Up



6:30am: Boxing: All Level


6:30pm:  Boxing: Drop Ins, Tier 1-4
7:30pm:  Boxing: Tier 5 & Up



6:30am: Barre



**No Classes**



10am: All Level  Workout
11am: Barre


Pink Gloves Boxing Tier Classes

Work through the Tier System, constantly learn new and real boxing skills, and push yourself to Reveal Your Champion From Within.

This proven successful program challenges you to total body, mind, and spirit commitment. Be challenged, focused, and directed to reach your ultimate empowerment.

This class meets twice a week for 16 weeks and keeps you going week after week with group encouragement and reward levels.

Earn your Pink Gloves and more by joining the full program!
Tier members MUST purchase starter kit

–Membership Options–

$105/ mo for four months
(30 classes for $14/class)
$399 one time payment ($13/class)


5 thoughts on “Classes

  1. Nikki says:

    I am interested in beginning to work out again but get bored easily. I had surgery in February and just feel sluggish and heavy. I was wanting more information about your “Drop In Tier I Boxing”. What does this entail? About how many attend? My job is very demanding but you’re up the street so I’m hoping that motivates me to go.

    • pgbaustin says:

      Hi Nikki!
      Our classes is done in a circuit style training! Which means we have 5 different stations that focus on different things: shadowboxing, total body, heavy bags, mitt work with the trainer, and footwork. Everything is go at your own pace and we have modifications for everything! Come check out a class to get a better idea of what our classes are like! We close classes at 15 people so it’s a small class all the time! 🙂

  2. Kylie says:

    Hi, do you offer a free week pass to try out the studio and classes before committing to a membership? I have wanted to try y’all out for awhile now, but I am never willing to just jump into a monetary commitment without knowing if it is for me.


    • pgbaustin says:

      Hi Kylie!
      First class is always on us! Let me know when you would like to come try out a class and I’ll let you set up! We would love to see you in class!

  3. Shira says:

    Hi! I am interested in doing one of these classes, but I haven’t been in shape in the longest time, because I’ve been sidetracked by some health issues. I’m really excited about checking out one of these classes. Can a beginner (someone who has literally no experience) participate? Also, are there any age limits? I’m an incoming junior in high school.

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